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Heets Gold Selection

//Heets Gold Selection

Heets Gold Selection

AED 150 AED 140

Gold Label Heets
Heets Gold Selection tobacco sticks are a novelty from the manufacturer, which is suitable for everyday use by smokers.


HEETS Gold Selection

Flavour characteristics of the Heets Gold Label Tobacco sticks from the gold collection have a fresh and balanced taste. The main components of the flavor are:

  • Tobacco special roast;
  • Woody notes;
  • A refreshing flavour of menthol.

The velvety Heets Gold Label Flavor does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth, but rather a mild freshness and softness (probably due to a small amount of menthol). The flavour lasts for the duration of the whole period and does not cause perforation in the throat. The smoke is thick, and its smell is neutral.

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Weight .9 kg


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